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eMath is a next generation intelligent courseware and open authoring platform that has helped tens of thousands of students learn faster and achieve better outcomes.

eMath has ready-to-use and completely customizable developmental and gateway math courses. eMath provides students with real-time intelligent content and personalized learning help adapted to their individual needs.

eMath's open content authoring and delivery platform allows authors to customize and improve institution-specific learning programs.

eMath supports instructor-led adaptive learning and student self-paced personalized learning. eMath has been used in traditional, blended, and purely online course delivery settings.

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eMath is created by a team of veteran educators, LMS, and adaptive learning experts with the following objectives:
  1. Help each student learn most effectively in everyday study by providing real-time task-specific, outcome-driven, and need-based personalized content and learning help;
  2. Support and augment instructors by allowing complete controls over the course structure, learning objectives, learning content, activities, and assessments;
  3. Maximize technology flexibility and efficiency to make institution-specific adaptive learning programs effective and economical.

Our Vision: Building the most teacher, student, and outcome centric learning technology company.

Our Mission: Enable students to master any subject they want to so they can be the best they can and pursue their dreams.

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    eMath offers open textbooks in the format of free online ebooks and inexpensive printed books. With eMath's open content platform, instructors and authors can use eMath's open content to configure, edit, and publish curriculum specific textbooks.

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